Buffet des Continents – “L’apres Ski” As A Family Deal

Greek style
Greek style
The tower of Pisa
The tower of Pisa
People and food
People and food
Fiesta mexicana
Fiesta mexicana

With Mont Avila‘s promotional price for Sunday evenings, my older daughter and I have made quite a habit in skiing as soon as the time passes 3 pm. At least for about two hours until the night and freezing air settles in and her little sister looses all her patience on the sleigh where she’s supposed to wait for us with her dad. The hills are great and the sensation awesome, but, I’m sure every fan of this winter activity can acknowledge it. So, this is far from my point. I will not praise the enjoyment you get while skiing, but rather talk about the intense signals you get from your hypothalamus once you finish your physical activity, translating all into one sensation: hunger. That imaginary spider, crawling inside your body, reaching your brain and impeaching you to think of anything else besides food. As a result, it forces you to persist in asking the same question over and over again: “Where are we eating?”  while changing the ski boots and getting into the car.

So this week he decided to try an “all-you-can-eat” international buffet on our way: Buffet des Continents, which is a restaurant chain with seven locations spreading all over the province of Quebec. I must admit, the convenience and the fact that children under four eat for free and those under 12 pay half the price, played a big role in our decision.

During the week, children under 12 do not pay at all. As it was a Sunday afternoon, we had to take the dinner menu, which is a bit more diverse than the brunch one, including the “crêpes flambées” which are made in front of the customers.

Each one of the restaurants has a different theme, specific and characteristics. The one I’m intending to talk about is located in Saint-Jerome, at the 41st exit of A-15, Laurentides highway towards Montreal. It’s also the most recent restaurant belonging to the chain.It’s theme is Mediterranean, mainly Italy and Greece. Visible from far, far away, next to a gas station, McDonalds and Sushi shop, you are very obviously told you’re about to enter the Mecca of foodies.

Outside the restaurant

Well…as every restaurant belonging to the all-you-can-eat concept, this one also mainly focuses on quantity, rather than quality. You can choose from (almost) any type of food offered to you in perpetually-full trays. All you have to do is keep refilling you plate and stomach. Again and again. And at Buffet des Continents,  as the name suggests it, you can do that with a large variety of meals, traditional in the Mediterraneans, Northern, Southern or Central America and Asia.

You have soups, main dishes, brunch or dessert, and you can accompany all of that with a selection of drinks (with or without alcohol).

From early-January, until February 19th, you can celebrate the Mexican culture in all of the locations, not only but eating nachos, enchiladas, tacos or other local specifics, but also with a kind of immersion, triggered by mariachis with sombreros, who, ironically incourace you to dance. 

Their next event will come with spring break: several activities for hungry children and discounts for parents who want to take a break from cooking.

If Saint-Jerome (365, la Montagne, J7Y 0L7) is not in your way, here are the adresses of the other locations:

Québec: 4250 1re Avenue, Suite 26,
Galeries Charlesbourg
, G1H 2S5

Drummondville: 155 rue Robert-Bernard, J2C 8A3

Trois Rivières:  4520 Boulevard des Récollets,
Carrefour Trois-Rivières-Ouest, G9A 4N2

Sheerbrooke: 340 Rue Belvédère Sud,
LE Centre Sherbrooke,
 J1H 4B5

Gatineau:  4 Gare-Talon
(corner of Boulevard Maloney and De l’Hôpital)
, J8T 0B1

Mascouche:  2929 Chemin Gascon, J7L 3X7

Opening hours are the same, for every location:

Monday to Thursday :
11h to 14h30 – 17h to 21h

Friday :
11h to 14h30 – 17h to 22h

Saturday :
11h to 14h30 – 16h30 to 22h

Sunday :
10h to 14h30 – 16h30 to 21h

Some of the restaurants also have private reception rooms, but all of them accept reservations for group of eight people or more.


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