October 2016

I Scream For Ice Cream…When I Pass By Virevent

Seriously, who wouldn't? Who would resist and simply walk away from a homemade chocolate or vanilla soft ice cream dipped into heavenly Belgian melted chocolate sauce (milk or black chocolate, praline, salted caramel, maple or cappuccino flavours)? And that’s certainly not all of it. They also have hard ice cream flavours, which I admit, we haven’t tried yet, as we became too utterly addicted to the dipped ones.

So, if my brain is not able to resist this delight of taste, I can’t ask my kids to be more mature and self-disciplined. How could they, at 10 and almost 3, be more reasonable than an adult? So, although we live in the neighborhood only for a month and a half, we literally never passed by this ice cream spot without entering and consuming. So, the best life hack for keeping spending on the low is really to avoid the area.