March 2017

Paw Patrol - Toddlers' Action Series To Boost Sales

Everywhere I look....Paw Patrol...a simple TV Series' is not enough nowadays. Children need to have their favourite characters everywhere: on their clothes, bed sheets, backpacks, toys, toothbrush and paste, only to name a few. More than that, they need to have a game or app, everything that could bring their heroes to life. Have a problem? Call the pups!

In Montreal, Library Resources Are Easy To Access

The two most important tangible assets of being a resident of Montreal or its suburban area, are for me the Opus and library card, mostly because of the high degree of mobility they provide you with: using the "Bibliotheque de Montreal" card, you have access to all of the libraries in the city, while the Opus card helps you circulate by bus and metro throughout all the STM area.

Disney Princesses Vs Real-Life Audience

Life with daughters has turned me into an expert on Disney princesses. In the past years I voluntarily (or not) watched Disney princess movies over and over again and am starting to take it to the next level: action movies and live shows. After Maleficent and The Huntsman from the years before, this uopcoming year is supposed to bring a lot of action movies based on Disney stories.