April 2017

Ten Ways To Describe What Tim Hortons Means To Me

Tim Hortons recently marked its territory in England by offering free timbits and people seem to go so far in expressing their excitement, that they even associate the brand with a "Canadian Starbucks".  Well, in my opinion, the resemblance of their market positioning is practically close to nonexistent. Similarities are superficial: they both sell coffee (or other hot and cold beverages) with something on the side, and they both adapt the design of the plastic cup according to the season or time of year. I simply love the two brands for what they represent in my mind: Starbucks, a cozy ambiance and place to study, Tim Hortons, a sweet guilty pleasure, accompanied by a coffee.

Montreal, My Wallet Is Missing: What Do I Do?

Although there are claims that Montreal is the safest city in the world and although you don't see Bucharest's pickpocket experts running around, there still is a slight possibility that your wallet gets stolen in the city. Or that you simply lose it and no kind soul is there to return it to you. 

At least that's what happened to me recently, that made me decide to share the story and give you some hints on how to handle a situation of this kind. 

In Montreal, Barbies Came To Stay

Barbies are every girl's dream. No matter their age. Even though some of them (like my daughters) are not really fans of the actual dolls, they cannot be immune to the appel of Barbie movies, novels, colouring books or games. In downtown Montreal, a Barbie exposition started last February and attracts fans even after one year. We were there twice and every trip brought us a pleasant feeling.